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RealityTrader is a premier educational site for traders. We provide printed, video and online courses, powerful real time market scanner and trading room. We take it from the beginning - from developing your trading plan and style to nitty-gritty details of Level II and direct access platform. Study our educational blog, pick from the list of products or take advantage of our best value offer.

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A Taoist Trader - our new course, "a must" for any trader or investor. Whatever your time frame or favorite market is, this course will create a robust foundation for your trading.

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Video Interview with Vadym Discussing Major
Points of his Trading Approach

Vad's Amazon Page


From: Vadym Graifer - Trader, Author, Mentor

Dear Traders,

Over the past decade, the financial markets have seen an explosion of active traders that have found themselves able to participate in the markets in a more direct manner.

They are able to receive, process and react to information almost immediately in a way that empowers them to make their own decisions about their financial futures.

This empowerment of individuals, while exhilarating, has lead to the downfall of many aspiring dream seekers. Much of this downfall lies within the improper education found on the internet.

Many blogs and un-moderated chat rooms propagate a vast amount of misinformation about the underlying functionality of the stock market. Simply put, there continues to be information providing logic to an entity that moves and reacts in an illogical manner.

Please read this article to gain more perspective on this matter.

Since the late 90's, I was amazed how countless investors throw their hard-earned dollars at the market, day trading without any form of training (I was one of those!). Self-proclaimed "gurus" often take advantage of new traders by selling "holy grail" trading systems costing thousands of dollars.

I founded Realitytrader.com in 1999 in order to create a service that offers affordable, REAL TRADING education to those who are serious about becoming consistently profitable traders.

Over the past 12 years, we at Reality Trader© have empowered hundreds of aspiring traders to become independent and successful.

Learn everything you need to know to get started in active trading on the right track. We take it from the beginning - from developing your trading plan and style to basics of chart reading to nitty-gritty details of Level II and direct access platform.

When traders first begin trading, they need to find a method that works for them.

There are a plethora of systems and methods available to trade the stock market. There are methods for options, futures, derivatives, Forex, bonds, equities, etc. If there is speculation involved, there is a system somewhere for it. The trick is to find the method that best fits your financial objectives, risk tolerance and personality. To learn trading, one must study a theory and be able to apply it to practical trading at a rate that allows for gradual profits and strict risk control.

Those that expect huge one-time gains in trading methods are also setting themselves up for big one-time losses. Normally, over time, one can not continuously make huge gains without a few huge losses.

Let me clarify this. For the beginner huge gains stem from guessing and undisciplined approaches that create enormous risk.

These get rich quick schemes almost always end up in failure. The market doesn't allow for consistent getting rich quick methods. It finds a way to take from the undisciplined eventually.

Certainly, the year 2001 has taught this to those that thought it was just so easy, and 2008 reminded to those who forgot. With the explosion of on-line trading, many educational services have evolved to help traders with their progress in this business. While some of these services are nothing more than just stock picking sites, an aspiring trader needs a serious and consistent educational resource. This is exactly what RealityTrader offers - solid consistent no-nonsense practical and pragmatic trading education.

Let’s begin our journey!

Vadym Graifer
Author - Mentor - Professional Trader



Unsolicited Member Testimonials

Hi Vadym,
I would just like to say that I'd read hundreds of trading books and they basically say the same things in different ways. However, after reading your Techniques of Tape Reading, many things became crystal clear. I can now accept stop losses as just the cost of doing business, and risk management is my number one priority. Your explanation has given me the discipline to implement and accept stop loss. Thank you.
- Jimmy. T.., Singapore

The Taoist Trader has changed my life and that is not an exaggeration. From being a helpless sheep ready to be fleeced at Wall Streets will, Taoist Trader has changed the way that I not only see and react towards the market, but all elements of human behaviour - and that is a valuable gift. This learning is not for everyone. Internalising positive change is difficult in a world manipulated by frequent news panic that plays upon the emotional response of the investing crowd; we all want to identify ourselves with the majority and that is normal. But the Taoist Trader taught me to stop pointing the finger at others and faulting them for my own failures. Instead I have learned to change myself and in doing so, I am no longer subject to the emotional exploitation that is our financial and political elites' modus operandi. If you're ready to change yourself, then you've come to the right place. Combine The Taoist Trader with Vad's Techniques of Tape Reading and you have some very powerful tools for navigating the market successfully.
- Les R., Switzerland

Your terrific books and the Reality Trader Room have completely turned around my method and performance. I most sincerely thank you.
- Thomas B., NJ

First off thank you for the incredible course, I am more confident in my trading than ever before, I still have issues with keeping stops everytime but so far so good. Here is my trading snap shot (attachment) from 8th Aug to today, I think I am doing better than I ever did.
Thank you for being my teacher. I follow your trading room (the post close out) every day.You are a great inspiration!
respect and regards,
- Vijay V, IL

Wow, Trader's Routines... wow, exactly my issues listed and described, as if you looked over my shoulder! I'll admit, I was a bit impatient and jumped over some parts to read this. Now, going back and reading the chapters that led to this attachment, I am amazed by the structure and logic, and how practical it all is. At the same time, it's completely different look at everything trading related. I am rethinking a lot of things that just yesterday seemed so obvious... This Taoist Trader course changes everything to me it seems
- Peter S., ON

Must confess, I was a bit hesitant about this course. I mean, Taoism? Trading? Sounds a little gimmicky... Boy, was I wrong. This course is every bit as parctical as Vadym's two books (they were the reason I still decided to give the course a try, since I liked both very much). My main concern has been that the material would be abstract and not really connected to everyday experience. Nothing even close - page after page of down to earth practical advice, explanation of things we encounter daily and direct unambiguous help in dealing with them. Very very powerful writing. I am sure I will discover new gems as I return to this course over time.
- J.R., Fla

The Tao Te Ching is a book of philosophy written by Lao Tzu in China more than 2500 years ago during the time and vicinity of Confucious. As a foundational philosophy it offers a world view but also gives practical advice for the individual to align their behavior to the ways of the world and act accordingly.
In A Taoist Trader Vadym Graifer succinctly and effectively exposes and explains the Tao Te Ching while likewise tieing it to the financial markets. This is a practical teaching text that can appeal to all ages and competencies of any market participant. Affirmation of successful individual behavior can be seen as well as destructive behaviour laid bare. Numerous poignant analogies strike home that are stunning in clarity.
This book will make you a better trader. It will put a top spin on trading performance by its practical, real world and often occurring, situational illustrations that will cut the number and size of losses while giving the trader the personal and actionable basis to make consistent gains.
Many are offered The Way. Few choose to see it, and fewer still choose to follow it. This book is a real opportunity.
- Ron S., Colorado

I have lived my adult life with a structured approach to achieving success but lived recklessly handling my investments. Emotions, lack of vision and focus were the root causes of this. Going through the materials of the Best Value Offer, I am able to put things together and build structure and proper mindset.
- Stuart L., Florida

A Taoist Trader course is incredibly clear and powerful. Like no other trading related book I've ever read, it creates whole mindset, puts everything together and allows me to see the market as a mechanism in which everything makes sense. My place and behavior is defined with such clarity, I have much more control over myself and have no troubles executing my trading decisions. Emotions seem to have no more influence on me.
- L.B., Michigan

Thanks again for all you've taught me and for the great books you've published (I keep re-reading them and learn something new each time - they are getting to be as dog-eared as my physics textbook from engineering school). Your involvement has made all the difference in the world and totally turned my trading around. I am very lucky to have been your student. Happy trading,
- Doug C., Minnesota

Techniques of Tape Reading is by far the best trading book I've ever read. Psychology part is excellent, this is first time I read it done in such practical fashion, not academic psychobabble. As for tape reading part - this is true core of the method, in my opinion. Even old classic by Neill uses charts to illustrate the ideas, and with today's volume and speed it would be unreasonable to try and apply this method to the ticker instead of much more convinient chart. I trade NYSE mostly but I have no troubles so far using book's material on listed stocks. Highly recommend the book, very practical and very real.
- Reader from CA

Hi, I have just bought this book, and I have to say it is one of the best trading books I have ever read (and I have read a lot of trading books). I intend to read it a second time, and then I hope to take the free trial in your trading room.
- Nev D

Observing Vad's live trading during the seminar in Freeport, Bahamas was an amazing experience. His total self-control, dry humor as he comments on the stock movements - while having an open position in it! - it's quite something. What I saw was cold blood and steel discipline, firm trust in the trading approach and executing it with no hesitation. Very impressive.
- C.K., Ca

Hi Vad. Your videocourse arrived on Monday and I just finished going over it. It is full of very good information. Both booklet and videos gave me a good insight into the trades you take. The course was concise, to the point and contained very relevant examples organized in a way that stepped me through the learning process.
- Jay F.

Just wanted to let you know what an excellent book you produced. I've had Tecgniques of Tape Reading for about one week and have read through it twice, with the exception of chapter 8, "Mindset of a Mature Trader" which I am making part of my daily routine. The book is organized excellently, starting with a "Reminiscences", physiological type perspective in the beginning then moving into technical areas and then drilling home the technicals with examples. TTR is the most complete, concise and useful trading book I have ever read. I also enjoyed reading the two non-published chapters about Vad's immigration. You've done a great job! Congratulations!

Hello Vadym, I am currently reading your book about tape reading and want to thank you for writing it. I have been trying to learn how to day trade over the last six months, and it's inspiring to read the story of another trader. My own experience has consisted of lots of losing days, together with some winning days in the markets. Hearing your own journey as a trader, together with specific examples of the setups you use is very helpful. Your book has given me a greater appreciation of the role that volume plays in reading stock movements. Thanks again. Regards,
- Bruce A. C.

Hello Vadym, Just a note to say how much I appreciate your book on tape reading. Chapters 6,7 and 8 in particular on the traders edge and intuition are pure gold and will be my guiding light as I design my trading plan and zero in on the plays and style that really fit my personality and temperment.
-Steve M.

Vadym, I am currently reading "Techniques of Tape Reading". Have found the 1st part - "A Traders Journey" of utmost benefit, so wonderfully structured and insightfull. I have read many books on trading and psychology, but this one really tells it how it is. I felt as if it were me telling of my thoughts and experiences to date, in learning about the markets. Certainly many aha moments! Thank you so much for writing this book and sharing it with us newbies. I am presently looking to purchase the Scalping course, and learn more of your methods. Regards,
- Dawn P.

Hi Coach, I want to give you now just a brief status update, before we resume our sessions next week. In a nutshell, trading has been going really, really well. I'm beginning to be able to pull all of the various lessons (the ones you've given me (and the ones I've learned the hard way) together in my head and access the proper behavior and reactions when I need to.
There have been a couple of specific things that have made all the difference to me, and I'll elaborate on those when we talk.
I wanted to settle in at this next level of proficiency before continuing with my lessons. My trading stats confirm that we can continue next week as planned.
Thanks so much for all you've taught me so far. I'm sure I would have washed out by now had I not had the good fortune of making your acquaintance. OK - back to the trenches.
- George S, FL

You are contributing something that is very unique and individual has more value than the technical side alone. You cut to the core issue of the traders inner relationship with what he is doing and that will help a lot of traders. One can sense in your books that trading and your success with it was very profound for you and that's very motivating.
- Steve M, Toronto, ON

No other course I’ve taken so clearly demystifies the scalping methodology while providing the trader with a simple, yet highly effective, guide to scalping. Vad’s course contains the knowledge that allows any trader to effectively implement a successful scalping strategy into their usual trading regime – right away. I’ve had the pleasure of trading next to Vad in person and can attest to how effortlessly and stress free he engages the scalping process -- and how his techniques generate profits. Having a master like Vad share his knowledge with the trading community is a gift, and I wholeheartedly recommend his course How to Scalp any Market & Profit Consistently
- Scott Garl

Reality Trader, lead by founder Vad Graifer is dedicated to correcting misinformation about market functionality as well as providing traders with a forum where they can develop a trading plan or enhance a current one. We provide a community where traders can refine their trading skills with helpful hints and tips from those that trade the market every day. Trading business is evolving. You need to be around those that change with the market or run the risk of losing the valuable time, not to mention money. Reality Trader is dedicated to teach you everything about this evolving market. Evolve with us, not after us.

Start your journey with us today!

RealityTrader Services Inc.

Victoria, BC