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Your 5-Step Trading Plan Workbook

By Vadym Graifer

"A veteran stock trader outlines a step-by-step training program you can follow to successfully profit from any market with minimal risk."

This workbook takes you through the complete learning process of becoming a successful equity trader. No details are left out. This is a must-have resource in any trader's library.

"A Must-have Resource for Anyone Seeking to Earn a Steady Income from the Market"

"The Master Profit Plan by Vad Graifer. Complete trading plan from A to Z, with forms and detailed explanation of the way to structure your trading and troubelshoot it, trading journal and much more. Loved the book, absolute must for beginners and very useful for the first-second year traders." - SH6


Message from Vad:

  • If you are a beginner - Get it
    What it will do for you: The book describes the process of creating your trading plan in its entirety: from forming your trading philosophy and psychology, through the design of your trading system and to practical trading. The book contains interview with traders, questions and answers from real mentoring sessions, samples of trading plans for the traders of different trading styles and timeframes. Most important, it provides you with an uniquely systematic approach to your trading education, structured and easy to manage at your own pace. It will make sure that your trading education is thorough and complete.

  • If you are struggling trader that seems to be "almost getting it but still not there" - Get it
    What it will do for you:  The book will help you find the "missing link". It provides you with a clear idea of a trading journal that helps find the element that keep you from consistent profitable trading. It will align all the elements of your trading approach so they complement, not contradict each other.

  • If you are trading successfully but experiencing severe setbacks now and then - Get it
    What it will do for you: The book will provide you with tools to troubleshoot your performance and diagnose possible problems at early stages, preventing hard losses during a "loss cluster". There are great methods of tuning your mindset with practical tricks and hints that will help you return to your confident self.

  • If you are an accomplished successful trader that makes money consistently - Do NOT buy it please I don't want to hear comments "there is nothing new in it". Most likely for you there won't be!

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$44.95 plus S&H


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RealityTrader Investment Services Inc.

"I have to admit I was a bit skeptical reading all the glowing reviews. I find 9 out of 10 trading books not worth the paper they are printed on, and they do find their fans... Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try - after all, I lose more than the book's cost on one bad trade, right? What can I say - each and every of those reviews are well deserved. In fact, I wish I stumbled onto this book years ago - sure would have saved me a lot of grief.
Reading it, I have this feeling that author looks over my shoulder - so precise is his descriprion of my problems, and so "right on money" are the solutions. No "academic" babble - everything is practical, to the point and very grounded. Author goes over issue by issue methodically, not taking anything for granted. Some ideas are truly creative and amazingly effective, for instance, Model Trader method... even if it were the only thing in the whole book, it would already pay its cost many times over. "
- George V., Arizona

"I don't want to sound like a fanboy but I consider this book phenomenal. Never ever I've read anything "arranging things on the shelves" so clearly and in such logical order. It's amazingly practical, covers a lot of ground, and I find myself returning to it over and over again and finding answers to the most problems I encounter.
You can always tell when a book is written by a real trader. This one sure is. "
- Ken R., Texas

"I don't know how many times I have read this book!!. And every time I read it, I learn something new. Very good book and easy to read.
When you start your trader journey you can feel overwhelmed due to all information you have to digest. And here is where this book it is very useful, MPP helps you keep your attention on what is really important in these early stages. in short, a book highly recommended. "
- fpinero, Spain

"A must have book if you plan do create your own trading plan. Despite the fact you can find some free pdf templates for trading plan, this book will go far beyond these. It's split in 6 parts:
1.Trading philosophy
2.Trading psychology
3.Creating your trading system
4.Trading tools
5.Practical trading
6.Trading Plan samples
These will help you define by top down approach the trading plans. Between the chapters you will find interviews with different traders. I may say only the 4 pages interview with Daryl Guppy worth the price of the book. "
- I.C., Bucharest

"This book should be a compulsory reading for anyone wishing to trade. Such a shame so many people try their hand at this with no faintest idea of how to structure their trading and education. I know all about it - I was one of them! 2 years of attempts to get it right, sprinkled with losses and permeated with endless frustration - that's what I went through. This book was the first out of all I've read (and I've read plenty) that put it together for me. It showed me all the missing components and explained how to put things together. Most of all, it brought me a structure, clear and logical way of learning and applying things in practice. Thank you. "
- Martin W., NC

"This book is great, it puts everything in proper perspective. It usually takes a trader a few years before they understand trading philosophy, psychology, trading systems, trading tools and actual practical trading. It treats these areas in a proper sequence and provides a very practical approach unlike other trading books. It helped me identify my personality traits. I have come up with my own trading plan and I hope this will make me a confident, practical and professional trader. "
- Robin

I'm about half way through your book, The Master Plan and like it so much that I ordered your Techniques of Tape Reading, which will be delivered tomorrow. I especially like the way you lay out the psychology of contrarian focus on unfolding market data. I've hit that point in my trades where what I think I know makes me more vulnerable than when I started and knew nothing! I find your style of presentation very illuminating. Thanks. "
- Joe H.

"Vadym is an accomplished trader, he consistantly takes money out of the market. So, here, in this little gem of a book, he outlines the steps that one needs in order to trade for a living. I can think of no better book addressing this matter for beginners or striving traders. Vadym, goes step by step on the most basic issues that are critical to achieve this mind set. Get this straight, not Vad's mind set, but yours and your trading style unique to you only. That is your edge. Read it and learn. "
- Curly, California

"I wish that this had been the first or second book I read about daytrading for a living. It would have saved me alot of money. Daytrading, at least for me, is tape reading, plain and simple. The book stresses that. Erase the outside noise and watch the tape. If your right, great, if not get out fast (no hard feelings, it's not personal). Also, as discussed throughout the book, I finally forced myself to set up a written trading plan. I read it every morning prior to trading. It has helped re-inforce my discipline. Very good book for daytraders. Especially liked the stories from actual traders. Seems many of us go through the same problems."
- Dino

$44.95 plus S&H


Zone to deliver