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Vad has retired from running the room after 15 years. This page is being maintained since it's an integral part of the 111 Trades Online Course

Dear Trader,

I trade my own account for a living. Unlike many other educators, I depend on proceeds from my trading to make a living. I hold the distinct honor of turning $10K into over $200K with consistent and safe profits (verifiable).

Come join me and the rest of the Realitytrader members in our trading room. We trade the market live together every trading day since 1999. I have helped thousands of traders everywhere over the years to define and solve key issues that provide the path to success for active traders. If you are serious about success, join this elite group of successful traders today!

There’s more to the market than what lies on the surface. That’s why in our trading room we show you how to see what really goes on by providing you with the day trading education that you need to read the reality behind each stock. As part of our online day trading education, in our trading room we train you not only to recognize, but to also react, to stock market action. We believe that understanding market action is the only way to continue your progress in becoming a consistent winning day trader.

Our room is called "income room." What it means is: we do not promise get-rich-quick. We aim for consistent steady income derived from steady confident trading. And, unlike those who promise quick riches and fail on their promise, we do deliver on ours. We sell the steak, not the sizzle.

Read what happens in our trading room every day in our Trading Log! Updated every day after market close.


Our online day trading education will teach you how to:

  • Spot and use the trend while day trading.
  • Spot a stock's turning points.
  • Spot stock accumulation during early stages
  • Determine proper day trading exit points.
  • Execute your online trading decisions with the appropriate routes
  • Set appropriate day trading stop-loss points.
  • Determine the trading risk before entering a trade.

Review Trading Room Log

We strongly recommend to go over Free Lessons prior trialling the trading room

We strongly recommend to go over Free Lessons prior trialing the trading room. Also, read "How Trading Room Operates" below.


Here is a brief description of what you are going to see in the trading room and what it means.

Long Setup TEST 10 break if stays above 9.90

This call instructs to buy TEST when an offer at $10 is broken and a stock is trading at $10.01. Do not chase more than 2-3 cents. A necessary condition for the setup is price holding above $9.90; if this support is lost before resistance at $10 is broken, setup is invalidated. If setup triggers (resistance at $10 is broken), stop is placed under $9.90.

As the price moves in our favor, full exit or partial exits are taken at the levels that we call risk/reward ratios. In this case, 1:1 will be reached around $10.10 (10 cents initial risk to 10 cents profit). Scalpers take full exit at this level; day traders take first partial and trail their stop under the breakeven point. Next partial is taken around 1:2, etc. Most often our partials consist of 1/2, 1/4 and 1/4.

A call for a short trade will look like this:

Short Setup TEST 10 break if stays below 10.10

Meaning and actions are self-explanatory and similar to a long call, only in opposite direction (duh!)

If we feel strongly about taking a scalp or letting a trade develop, we will comment "Scalp only" or "Not a scalp." Absence of such comment means we have no preference. In any case, it's up to each trader to determine his/her preferences.

Instructions above are just a first draft intended to give you understanding of the room format. More variables exist, and we will comment on them as needed, highlighting the deviations from the routine course of action.

Do not hesitate to ask questions. Remember, #discussions channel is for anyone to speak, post trades and questions; #floor is for a room moderator only, to keep calls and comment free from clutter.

Room Slang and Abbreviations

HL - half lot (in reference to a position size

SM - smaller shares

L - long

S - short

Rinse - disgusting behavior of a stock that stops us out only to proceed to the target a moment later. Discipline hurts sometimes

Pulp - jumpy stocks with wide movements (Seinfield reference, "Pulp can move, baby!")

Costanza trade - a trade opposite to what trader's instincts say (again, Seinfield)