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This product description is intended to help you pick which product is the best fit for your current needs. While you can read more about each of them at their respective pages, this overview will help you match our offerings to your particular situation .

A Taoist Trader Online Course

This unique course applies Taoism, an ancient and amazingly pragmatic philosophy, to trading and the markets. Ancient texts of Tao Te Ching come alive to give you a clear understanding of the markets. The course will create clarity in your trading approach and open the door to complete self-control. A calm balanced state of mind, stress-free trade execution, and astute vision of the unfolding events - those are the traits of A Taoist Trader. A 225+ pages course with many attachments is intended for any trader, no matter what time frame or trading vehicle you prefer. Read more

The Master Profit Plan.

(part of our best value offer)

This book describes the process of creating your trading plan, analyzing and troubleshooting your trading. It’s a must if you are a beginner or a struggling trader. It will guide you through the entire process of finding your personal trading style. This is whole picture of all the elements you will need lined up in a logical sequence and aligned with each other. The book is complete with samples of trading plans for different styles and interviews with novice and experienced traders. You will also be able to download forms for your trading plan and journal here. Read more

Intro Course

(part of our best value offer)

This course goes deeper into the particularities of market movement, methods of reading the market, tape reading and trading psychology. The Intro Course comes complete with videos demonstrating how the general principles are applied to particular trades. There is plenty of material – reserve months to go over it! Read more

Scalping Video Course

(part of our best value offer)

This is a product – aimed at traders who want to learn scalping and intraday trading as either a primary or a supplementary approach to trading. The Scalping Course is devoted mostly to stocks. Read more

Live Trading Room

(2 months free membership is a bonus in our best value offer)

This is our interactive real time forum – a trading room where you can see what we trade, get alerts as stocks set up for our trades in advance for both entry and exit. Ask questions, communicate with other traders – our community is extremely friendly and helpful. Read more

Personal Mentoring

This is a one-on-one teaching method intended to concentrate only on you - when you are having particular problems that have to be resolved by personal communication. Often it’s the only method that allows for troubleshooting your trading. This is not pre-canned information; this is personalized mentoring that deals with your particular situation. Through personal mentoring, I have aided many amazing turnarounds for traders that struggled for a long while not being able to overcome certain barriers. My experience allows me to establish a diagnosis and prescribe the cure for numerous trading problems. Prepare a description of your trading approach, samples of your trades (charts with entry and exit points) and e-mail them in advance for me to pre-analyze and we can save precious time in our mentoring sessions. Important notice: do not think that during such mentoring I am going to push MY system on you. We will analyze YOURS and find out why it doesn’t work for you. And, if your goal is to learn mine – by all means! Read more

Best Value Offer

This offer includes Scalping Videocourse, The Master Profit Plan book, Online Course and adds free two months in our Live Trading room. You also get as a bonus two audio CDs devoted to trading psychology topics and access to a 54 minute-long video recorded swing trade on NASDAQ e-minis with day by day comments and explanations. This is a program covering most of our products for the heavily discounted price. Read more