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Fast track yourself to become a successful trader with RealityTrader's Daytrader Home Study Course —internet's most comprehensive online, self-paced day trading course!

  • Hundreds of pages of instructional material
  • Interactive movies,
  • Tape reading sessions
  • Live chart interpretation and anlaysis
  • Specials from renowned traders Mark Douglas, Richard McCall, and much more.


Trading is one of the most rewarding, yet difficult, businesses endeavors. The statistics show that the majority of traders either fail or quit within their first year.

Many blame their failure on the trading system chosen. Your journey through RealityTrader will show you that while the trading system is important, your ultimate success will depend on you and who you are.

Trading is at least 80% mental. Without the right trading mindset, you deny yourself the chance for long term success. If this weren’t true, any sound trading system would produce profits for everyone. Obviously this isn’t the case.

The Vadym Graifer and the Realitytrader Mentor Team has put together this two-part online trading course with the mission to smooth your learning curve as you progress from trading beginner to trading professional.

This course is designed to bring traders closer to the reality of how the market works, teaching "tape reading" skills and technical methods to begin your methodology or enhance your current one and prepare your mind to become a profitable and consistent trader.

Part One - Tape Reading (Daytrading)

Step 1 – Understanding the Basics
This section will take you into the beginnings of the stock market and let you prepare yourself to begin learning the fundamentals of what active traders need to know. Aspects of trading that include capital requirements, tools of the trader and other important initial information will be given in this section. Once you get a working knowledge of these topics, it will be time to move onto Step 2.

Step 2 – Get Closer to Market Reality

There are two kinds of reality. The one that is truth and the one that a trader creates for himself. This section’s goal is to shatter preconceived ideas and notions of misperception that distort one’s view of market reality. Once a trader begins to develop a clear reality to how and why the market works the way it does, they will begin to move into the world of the minority. Remember that the majority of traders lose. Learn to think like the minority. When the reality of market perception is achieved, it is time to move onto Step 3.

Step 3 – Modern Tape Reading Techniques

This section will take you through the Principles of Tape Reading that have been around for over 400 years. Tape Reading serves as a method in itself. It also enhances other systems as it goes right to the root of trader psychology, the language of price and volume. This section includes Tape Reading Training Sessions, illustrations and video content of real time principles described.

Step 4 – Applying the Principles

Everyone knows how easy it is to trade on paper or in hindsight. The reality is that the majority of traders can watch and say what to do, but when real money is on the line, they often fail to act. This section allows you to understand how to best route your orders from the mechanical sense in a set of given circumstances. Everyone knows that there is no "best route" in many situations. You will learn risk evaluation and lot size management. Furthermore, many traders fear entry and exit because their execution abilities are lacking in confidence. Once you learn how to route your orders and execute your decisions, it is necessary to move onto the last and most important step, Mastering your Mind.

Step 5 – Mastering your Mind

We already stated that trading is at least 80% mental. I would argue it's more than 80%. This section will take you through understanding why you need to learn who you are and how you interact with the market on a daily basis. The market is the greatest tool into understanding who you are and how you feel on any given day. Developing the proper trading mindset is the most important aspect of consistent trading. The goal of this section is to alleviate emotional constraints and develop positive attitudes towards profitability. This section will show you what such attitudes are, how to develop them and how to use them to further your trading consistency. After you get through Step 5, your learning curve should be drastically reduced so that you may profit from market opportunities offered on a daily basis faster than you would without the information we’ve provided you.

PART TWO: TAPE READING VIDEOS (35 online videos)

The RealityTrader Training Video Series has been designed to teach you the art of tape reading as it relates to current setups that Vadym and Chris use everyday in their own trading. The combination of Technical Analysis and Tape Reading Principles is where this series outshines the others that simply give you a chart review. You will learn in these 35 training videos how to spot critical areas of entry and exit that are supported by the understanding of price/volume correlations that will improve your entry and exit strategy.

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