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"My 60-Day Daytrading Training Program Offers You The Best Chance To Succeed By Focusing on Time-Tested
Techniques & By Building Your Trading Know-how
On A Solid Understanding of the Market..."

From: Vadym Graifer - Trader, Author, Mentor


Step 1: The Vadym Graifer and the Reality Trader Mentor Team have put together this two-part online day trading course with the objective to smooth your learning curve as you progress from trading beginner to trading professional.

This comprehensive, self-paced course is designed to bring you closer to the reality of how the market really works. It teaches "tape reading" skills and technical methods which lays a solid foundation for your trading career and prepares your mind to become a profitable and consistent trader. (Valued @ $199)

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Step 2: This 200+ page workbook  describes the process of creating your trading plan in its entirety: From forming your trading philosophy and psychology, through the design of your trading system, to practical trading tactics. This guide also features interviews with successful traders, questions and answers from real mentoring sessions, samples trading plans from traders of different trading styles and timeframes. Most importantly, it provides you with an uniquely systematic approach to your trading education. It provides you with a thorough and complete trading education. (Valued @ $44)

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Step 3: Learn the art of taking quick and small gains from the market. This technique is known as "scalping". It allows traders to decrease their exposure to the market.

Investors are often subjected to unpredictable news events while they are in open positions. Swing traders face the perils of overnight gaps. Even the active day trader can be affected by a sudden market turn.

Scalpers, on the other hand, engage in a trade for very brief period of time and controls their risk so tightly that probability of being hit hard is extremely low. (Valued @ $299)

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Step 4: Go over transcripts of the live trading room and learn from Vadym and the rest of the Reality Trader traders. Chart entries and exits and study setups and trade management. There are trading logs going back many years so you will have a lot of study material.

On every trading day, we show you how to:

  • Spot and use the trend while day trading.
  • Spot a stock's turning points.
  • Spot stock accumulation during early stages
  • Determine proper day trading exit points.
  • Execute your online trading decisions with the appropriate routes
  • Set appropriate day trading stop-loss points.
  • Determine the trading risk before entering a trade.

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Much of trading is psychological. Possessing a strong mental discipline is crucial for long-term success for a developing trader. As part of my training program, you will also receive two powerful trader psychology CD resources. These resources were developed by trained professionals in the field of Trading Psychology and will help you obtain more profits out of the market.

MARKET MUSE- Your Virtual Trading Coach

Morning Tune Up
Trading The Plan
Trade What You See
Learning from Experience
Limiting Risk
Taking Profits
Accepting Losses
Mid Day Tune UP


The Slippery Slope
The Freedom Trap
20 Questions
Beyond D'Nile
Trader's Serenity
Hidden Meaning
Reality Trader

(Valued @ $99)


On this 54 minute video, Vadym demonstrates how he swing trades the NASDAQ E-Mini 100 Futures based, not on technical reading, but on proven tape reading prrinciples. (Value $49)


This excerpt from A Taoist Trader course, a shortcut to trader's ideal mental state, serves as a preview to a full course. It's included in this offer as a free bonus. (Value $47)

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This is an amazing value! You Get All of The Resources Listed Above in One Single Training Package. You will simply not find these resources offered anywhere else.

(a 33% savings, this is the BEST value on the internet. Other services with unqualified trainers charge tens of thousands of dollars for this form of training. Don't be deceived!)




Access to Online Resources will be granted immediately
while you wait for the full package to arrive in mail.

Price Subject to Change Without Notice.

Returns are subject to 15% restocking fee

See our GUARANTEE & PRIVACY Statement


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Unsolicited Member Testimonials

Your terrific books and the Reality Trader Room have completely turned around my method and performance. I most sincerely thank you.
- Thomas B,, NJ

First off thank you for the incredible course, I am more confident in my trading than ever before, I still have issues with keeping stops everytime but so far so good. Here is my trading snap shot (attachment) from 8th Aug to today, I think I am doing better than I ever did.
Thank you for being my teacher. I follow your trading room (the post close out) every day.You are a great inspiration!
respect and regards,
- Vijay V, IL

I have lived my adult life with a structured approach to achieving success but lived recklessly handling my investments. Emotions, lack of vision and focus were the root causes of this. Going through the materials of the Best Value Offer, I am able to put things together and build structure and proper mindset.
- Stuart L., Florida

Thanks again for all you've taught me and for the great books you've published (I keep re-reading them and learn something new each time - they are getting to be as dog-eared as my physics textbook from engineering school). Your involvement has made all the difference in the world and totally turned my trading around. I am very lucky to have been your student. Happy trading,
- Doug C., Minnesota

Hi Coach, I want to give you now just a brief status update, before we resume our sessions next week. In a nutshell, trading has been going really, really well. I'm beginning to be able to pull all of the various lessons (the ones you've given me (and the ones I've learned the hard way) together in my head and access the proper behavior and reactions when I need to.

There have been a couple of specific things that have made all the difference to me, and I'll elaborate on those when we talk.

I wanted to settle in at this next level of proficiency before continuing with my lessons. My trading stats confirm that we can continue next week as planned.

Thanks so much for all you've taught me so far. I'm sure I would have washed out by now had I not had the good fortune of making your acquaintance. OK - back to the trenches.
- George S, FL

You are contributing something that is very unique and individual has more value than the technical side alone. You cut to the core issue of the traders inner relationship with what he is doing and that will help a lot of traders. One can sense in your books that trading and your success with it was very profound for you and that's very motivating.
- Steve M, Toronto, ON

No other course I’ve taken so clearly demystifies the scalping methodology while providing the trader with a simple, yet highly effective, guide to scalping. Vad’s course contains the knowledge that allows any trader to effectively implement a successful scalping strategy into their usual trading regime – right away. I’ve had the pleasure of trading next to Vad in person and can attest to how effortlessly and stress free he engages the scalping process -- and how his techniques generate profits. Having a master like Vad share his knowledge with the trading community is a gift, and I wholeheartedly recommend his course How to Scalp any Market & Profit Consistently
- Scott Garl


Video Interview with Vadym Discussing Major
Points of his Trading Approach

Reality Trader, lead by founder Vad Graifer is dedicated to correcting misinformation about market functionality as well as providing traders with a forum by which they can develop a trading plan or enhance a current one. We provide a community where traders can refine their trading skills with helpful hints and tips from those that trade the market everyday. The trading business is evolving. First generation on-line educational teachings are having trouble evolving with it. Most have either become extinct or are in this process.The time for second generation educational forums is upon us. You need to be around those that change with the market or run the risk of losing the valuable resource of time, not to mention monies contributed. Reality Trader is dedicated to teach you everything about this evolving market. Evolve with us, not after us.

Start your journey with us today!

Dear Traders,

Over the past decade, the financial markets have seen an explosion of active traders that have found themselves able to participate in the markets in a more direct manner.

They are able to receive, process and react to information almost immediately in a way that empowers them to make their own decisions about their financial futures.

This empowerment of individuals, while exhilarating, has lead to the downfall of many aspiring dream seekers. Much of this downfall lies within the improper education found on the internet.

Bulletin boards and un-moderated chat rooms propagate a vast amount of misinformation about the underlying functionality of the stock market. Simply put, there continues to be information providing logic to an entity that moves and reacts in an illogical manner.

Starting in the late 90's, I was amazed how countless investors throw their hard-earned dollars at the market, day trading without any form of training (I was one of those!) Self-proclaimed "gurus" often take advantage of new traders by selling "holy grail" trading systems costing thousands of dollars.

I founded Realitytrader.com in 1999 in order to create a service that offers affordable, REAL TRADING education to those who are serious about becoming consistently profitable traders. Over the past 12 years, we at Reality Trader© have empowered hundreds of aspiring trader to become independent, successful traders.

Learn everything you need to know to get started in active trading on the right track. We take it from the beginning - from developing your trading plan and style to nitty-gritty details of Level II and direct access platform.

When traders first begin trading, they need to find a method that works for them.

There are a plethora of systems and methods available to trade the stock market. There are methods for options, futures, derivatives, Forex, bonds, equities, etc. If there is speculation involved, there is a system somewhere for it. The trick is to find the method that best fits your financial status, risk tolerance and personality. To learn trading, one must study a theory and be able to apply it to trading at a rate that allows for gradual profits and strict risk control over time.

Those that expect huge one-time gains in trading methods are also setting themselves up for big one-time losses. Normally, over time, one can not continuously make huge gains without a few huge losses.

These get rich quick schemes almost always end up in failure. The market doesn't allow for consistent getting rich quick methods. It finds a way to take from the undisciplined eventually.

Certainly, the year 2001 has taught this to those that thought it was just so easy; then 2008 reminded to those who forgot. Necessity of the solid systemic trading education is obvious. This is exactly what RealityTrader offers - solid consistent no-nonsense practical and pragmatic trading education.

Let’s begin our journey!

Vadym Graifer
Author - Mentor - Professional Trader