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Realitytrader Blog

What this blog is...

Random thought on trading caused by some analogy (noticed how something you read, watch or hear often invokes trading-related thoughts?) Some typical conversation in a course of mentoring session or e-mail exchange. Typical trade development to learn from.  In short - everything to do with educational side of trading.
Oh, and while we are at it - blog posts may also include occasional references to hobbies - one gotta have fun as well, doesn't one?

... and is not.

You won't find here market overviews or calls - there are enough blogs of this kind. Our calls are made real time on intraday basis and can be reviewed here. Warning - our jokes are often abrasive, almost never funny and almost always politically incorrect.

Welcome and feel free to participate.

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Trading Philosophy General Understanding of the Markets.

Market and Logic

The Dual Reality

A Traders View of the Market

Information vs. Price

Trends and Reversals

Changes and Consistency in the Markets

Manipulation in the Markets

Building Trading System

Role of Technical Analysis

How to Start

Paper Trading

Type of Movement

Structure of the Setup

If-Then Scenarios

Types of Entries

Risk Control

Role and Necessity of Stops

Stop Loss vs. Sitting It Out

Averaging Down

Basics of Stop Loss

Deeper Look into Stop Loss

Trading Psychology

Basics of Trading Psychology





Psychology of a Stop Loss

Psychology of Relapse

A Traders Mental State

Day Trading, Scalping and Tape Reading

What Is Scalping

What Is Scalping II

What Is Tape Reading

Basics of Tape Reading