Learn to win consistently and limit your losses.

Trading Tactics That Saved My Trading Career!

This Course Describes Techniques that
Saved My Trading Career!

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True story of how Vadym Graifer uses little known "scalping techniques" to consistently profit from the market's daily small price moves...

From the Trading Desk of Vadym (Threei) Graifer

Dear Trader,

Let me ask you several questions about your trading ...and please answer honestly.

Are you happy with the way your trading's going?
Are you struggling for consistency? Winning one trade and losing the next?
Are your profits being wiped out by your big losses? Has your confidence been slowly eaten away?
Are you thinking of giving up? Do you feel that you just can't seem to make trading work?

Been there and done that! I was in that predicament in 1998.

I know first hand how deflating it must feel to be so close yet so far from achieving your personal dream of being a successful trader.

You've heard all the hype about how one can make a decent living trading online. How trading can reap huge profits, provide you the flexibility of working in the comfort of your home, and the ultimate freedom of being able to trade anywhere.

I wish there was one simple solution I can offer you to solve all your trading dilemmas. But I don't.

I will, however, let you in on what I did to turn around my own trading career.


"After reading “How to Scalp Any Market & Profit Consistently” I see the market in a whole new light. I have a much better understanding of how to scalp the market for consistent money. I am not trying to swing for the fences …Vad’s book has helped me learn how to control my risk and profit more consistently in a choppy market. I am much better at taking what the market gives and not giving it back. I partial out of positions for a profit positions that used to turn around on me and become “investments” or losses.

I feel much calmer about talking a little money steadily as opposed to thinking each trade had to be a big winner…as Vad says in the book…”a little bit everyday. The turtle wins the race” The scalping system and the motto “little bit everyday” is helping me immensely. (I do see a real difference in the past week)"

This may all sound a little trite but it is true – there is a big difference in how I am looking at things in this market…I am also working hard at understanding level 2 and time & sales …Vad’s book shed some light on that as well. The section on level 2 helped me see how to use level 2 …as a gauge … he took much of the mystery out of level 2 and how to make use of it.

- Ben Bass from Dublin, OH

"I am experienced scalper, and even I was able to find new tricks in the book"

- "Blaster" from our Daytrading Chat Room

I have been daytrading the NASDAQ market successfully since 1998. I support my family and derive most of my income from day trading stocks on the NASDAQ. My gains for 2003 was 88.5% (see my audited records).

But my trading career was not always so rosy...

When I opened my first trading account in 1996 with $40K, I wanted to focus on developing sound trading system that would form the foundation of my trading career for many years to come.

It took me the first 2 years of experimenting and trial and error to define my own trading system. This quest and my system is described in detail in "Techniques of Tape Reading Book", published by McGraw Hill in 2003.

The good news was that after 2 years, I finally found it.

The bad news is that my account had been drawn down from $40K to $11K. Quite an expensive tuition!

Because of this, I had little confidence to apply my methods. I quickly realize that in order to survive, I had to find a style of trading that would allow me to perserve what I have left.

I am sure you can relate to what I am talking about...

I was trading with so little money that I simply could not afford to lose any more or I will be out of the game!

Have you ever heard of the saying "Scared money can't win!"? It describes those traders feeling that they cannot afford any more losses so they either get paralysed or trade with such clouded judgement that even little money they still have evaporates quickly.

I didn't want that to happen to me. So I came up with a strategy that utimately saved my trading career.

How did I do it? What helped me to rebuild the confidence in this scared trader?

OK, as promised, I will tell you how I turned my predicament around. Too little money, not enough nerves.

What I am about to tell you may shock you.

Scalping did.

Please let me to explain...

That's right! Scalping helped me to regain the confidence necessary and set me on the right course to attain trading success!

Some of you maybe very skeptical right about now. That's okay. I get that all the time. But please do yourself a favor and keep reading... You won't regret it.

Let me tell you how I dug myself out of the "proverbial" hole.

By adopting the style of scalping, I was able to win consistently, although small gains. Over time I took my account to over $20K (from $11K). At that point I slowly took money out to pay bills and to reward myself.

When my trading account grew to over $30K I started taking out everything above $30K. During next two years I never operated with more than $30K in my trading account. In a course of less than two years, I had made a whopping $200K– out of $11K. Not bad huh?

But honestly, the hardest part was getting away from that scary small amount in my trading initially which I simply could not lose.

Okay, by now you probably want to know what the heck is this scalping thing I am talking about. There are lots of confusion and myths about scalping so let me explain.

More Testimonials ...

"No other book I’ve read so clearly demystifies the scalping methodology while providing the trader with a simple, yet highly effective, guide to scalping. Vad’s book contains the knowledge that allows any trader to effectively implement a successful scalping strategy into their usual trading regime – right away.

I’ve had the pleasure of trading next to Vad in person and can attest to how effortlessly and stress free he engages the scalping process -- and how his techniques generate profits.

Having a master like Vad share his knowledge with the trading community is a gift, and I wholeheartedly recommend his book: How to Scalp any Market & Profit Consistently" --Scott Garl

So What is Scalping?

Okay, let me give you my definition: In a nutshell, scalping is a trading style is based on assumption that it’s easier to get high amount of winning trades when profits are taken faster, minimizing the cases when relatively small profit evaporates and turns into loss. This is opposite to more conventional and commonly accepted approach where a trader lets his profits run risking to lose them on reversal or severe pullback and trying to make up for diminished win/lose ratio by bigger ratio of size of a winner vs. size of a loser.


Before further discussion on "scalping", I want to dispell the widely believed misconceptions about this scalping. Let me set the record straight. Scalping is NOT about playing the spread, or trading for rebate. This is not what I do and it's not something I teach. If this is what you are looking for, you are in the wrong place. Scalping to me is about taking small profits and winning more consistently and frequently.

Scalping allows you to decrease your exposure to the market. Investor is subjected to adversary news events while he is in position. Swing trader is subjected to overnight gaps. Even the day trader can be affected by a sudden market turn. Scalpers engage in a trade for very brief period of time and controls his risk so tightly that probability of being hit hard is extremely low.

This is why I call scalping “DEFENSIVE Style of Trading”.

Are you a swing trader that has never explored the possibility of trading in smaller timeframe?

Are you a part time trader that do not wish to spend all day near computer?

Please allow me to get this point across...

It's not just dedicated scalpers that can benefit from scalping. Scalping is a universal trading style that can be implemented by practically all traders!

No matter what your trading system is, scalping will give more consistency and greater risk control!

I developed this course because many wanted to know how I used the scalping style to turn around my trading career. You won't see any false promises or magic pills in this course. Just techniques and concepts that had put me on the road to winning consistently. I hope this course will open your eyes to new ideas that you can implement with your own trading.

In "How to Scalp any Market and Profit Consistently", you will discover defensive scalping techniques I used to build my trading account:

Learn how to...

Lessen exposure to the market and limit risk
Profit consistently with small movements in a stock's price
Profit more frequently
Make consistent winning trades
Build confidence and recover from losing streak or single big loss
Learn how to 'scalp' both cheap and expensive stocks
Learn how to 'scalp' the NASDAQ E-Minis



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I run an internet trading room and watch the market daily with my fellow traders and students. I want to help them apply these skills.

If there's anything I can help you with, please let me know.

I look forward to becoming part of your trading success.

Vadym Graifer

PS. Don't give up on your trading dreams. It is attainable. If something's not working, make some changes. Explore new ideas. You are the only person that can make it work!

PPS. Still not convinced about scalping? Read my FAQ.

PPPS. Take a look my audited trading performance if you doubt what I am telling you. You should be skeptical in this day of instant, self-made gurus.

More Scalping Myths...

Myth #1: Scalping is a separate trading system with its own setups.

Truth: Scalping is not a trading system. Scalping is another way of risk management. It can be applied with any trading system, any setup, any technical indicator.

Myth #2: Scalping is the riskiest way to trade.

Truth: Scalping is the SAFEST way to trade. Scalper's exposure to the market is very small and risk control is as close to absolute as it gets.

Myth #3: Scalper is a trader that sits in front of his screen all day and does trade after trade, never stopping. Scalper is trading all the time.

Truth: Scalper is trading as frequently as market presents readable and safe opportunity. He spends in front of his computer as much time as he wants. He is free to turn off his monitor when he feels like it - simply because he is not tied to any positions to monitor.

Myth #4: Scalping requires certain market conditions.

Truth: Scalping can be applied in any market. In fact, it's much more universal trading approach because it can be used in markets where nothing else works.

Myth #5: To become a scalper a trader has to abandon his or her adopted trading approach.

Truth: Scalping can and should be adopted as supplementary trading style for a trader using any other approach. Scalping will complement greatly any other trading style. It will add safety and universality.

Myth #6: Scalping is addictive.

Truth: If making money consistently is addictive, then scalping is, too.

See chat room sample below.
(my screen alias is "threei")


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