Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blog summary

Trading Philosophy – General Understanding of the Markets.

Ø Market and Logic

Ø The Dual Reality

Ø A Trader’s View of the Market

Ø Information vs. Price

Ø Trends and Reversals

Ø Changes and Consistency in the Markets

Ø Manipulation in the Markets

Building Trading System

Ø Role of Technical Analysis

Ø How to Start

Ø Paper Trading

Ø Type of Movement

Ø Structure of the Setup

Ø If-Then Scenarios

Ø Types of Entries

Risk Control

Ø Role and Necessity of Stops

Ø Stop Loss vs. Sitting It Out

Ø Averaging Down

Ø Basics of Stop Loss

Ø Deeper Look into Stop Loss

Trading Psychology

Ø Basics of Trading Psychology

Ø Novice

Ø Intermediate

Ø Experienced

Ø Sophisticated

Ø Psychology of a Stop Loss

Ø Psychology of Relapse

Ø A Trader’s Mental State

Day Trading, Scalping and Tape Reading

Ø What Is Scalping

Ø What Is Scalping II

Ø What Is Tape Reading

Ø Basics of Tape Reading

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At December 20, 2009 8:44 PM , Blogger There's supposed to be a name here said...

Vad - thanks for the summary. Very usefu.

r. saunders


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