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Steps That Turn You Into Trading Machine

Standard operating procedures are processes
that create assurances that things happen
consistently. By creating a process, we establish
a structure that supports us in simplifying our lives.
When we have standard operating procedures, we do
not have to guess how things need to be done... We
simply follow the procedure and get things
done consistently.

Rachelle Disbennett-Lee

About the Course

Ever since my exchange with one of the students about Trader Routines from A Taoist Trader course has been posted here , I recieve a stream of requests for the rest of the Routines. So much so that I considered turning them into a separate course. The only problem is, it's a shortcut - and I don't like shortcuts. I believe in doing things properly. That includes learning the theory, understanding the process, practicing sequential steps and coming to the conclusions naturally - not just jumping over the steps to the conclusions directly.

Thus the compromise.

I have put together three parts:

1. TRADER ROUTINES from A Taoist Trader course.
2. A chapter from Techniques of Tape Reading titled Rules for and the Mindset of a Mature Trader: The Dos and Don'ts of Trading
3. Original mantras from Techniques of Tape Reading

They are offered in this short course in a form of merely 22 pages of an extremely dense text where each line can be expanded into pages and pages. My hope however is that upon reading it you want to go for the whole thing, and read A Taoist Trader in full. That in my mind is the proper way to learn. To encourage this, here is my promise: if upon reading Trader Routines you purchase A Taoist Trader course, we will refund you the cost of the former. Simply send us an e-mail to identify yourself as a buyer of both, and the cost of a Trader Routines course will be reimbursed within 24 hours!

For your convenience we accept




Reader Testimonials

Wow, Trader's Routines... wow, exactly my issues listed and described, as if you looked over my shoulder! I'll admit, I was a bit impatient and jumped over some parts to read this. Now, going back and reading the chapters that led to this attachment, I am amazed by the structure and logic, and how practical it all is. At the same time, it's completely different look at everything trading related. I am rethinking a lot of things that just yesterday seemed so obvious... This Taoist Trader course changes everything to me it seems
- Peter S., ON

Vad, I want to thank you for compiling your appreciation of the Tao on this magnificent course. I am a speed reader and in average I read 2-3 books a week. On this e-book I am taking all the time in the World so I can let your writings sink in and and simmer and take shape within me.
I still cannot believe the wealth of knowledge and wisdom packed in what I have read so far. One thing that I have been contemplating is the colossal depth of each essay. In my personal library you will find the entire collection of i.e David Hawkins and Wayne Dyer to mention just a couple of great spiritual writers and your course stands on its own right next to these two great authors.
I believe that many will read this e-book and it might not make sense at first. One most definitely should be at a specific consciousness level in order for your work to make profound effect and at the same time I can tell that your book can be read 100 times and one will find a different meaning every single time its read...
- Al Hernandez, Atlanta, GA, March 2011

About me so you know where I am coming from. I am what you can call disgruntled investor. Buy and hold for years my entire life, you know... common sense stock picking, economy, monetary policy, fundamentals, some technical analysis, listening to broker, reading newsletters... You get the picture, and if you are anything like me, you know what kind of hits we took over last few years. I's like nothing makes sense anymore... so I started trying to take things in my hands more and make my own decisions, evaluating "gurus" more critically. The learning curve is nothing short of astonishing, I must say.
In my quest for knowledge I found this course and it felt like something from which I could benefit. I wasn't disappointed at all. Many things in the markets that didn't make sense to me suddenly do now. I see clearly what errors I made as an investor and how I was led to those errors by dishonest or not too knowledgeable "gurus." To be sure, not blaming anyone - it was my stupidity that killed me... but it feels so rewarding now, to see what I did wrong and to be able to correct things. I am sure I have a long way ahead of me but this course put in a solid foundation. Most of all, I now have clear criteria by which I can evaluate all the information provided by the market and media, and chart my own course.
- Nestor V., NY

Must confess, I was a bit hesitant about this course. I mean, Taoism? Trading? Sounds a little gimmicky... Boy, was I wrong. This course is every bit as parctical as Vadym's two books (they were the reason I still decided to give the course a try, since I liked both very much). My main concern has been that the material would be abstract and not really connected to everyday experience. Nothing even close - page after page of down to earth practical advice, explanation of things we encounter daily and direct unambiguous help in dealing with them. Very very powerful writing. I am sure I will discover new gems as I return to this course over time.
- J.R., Fla

The Tao Te Ching is a book of philosophy written by Lao Tzu in China more than 2500 years ago during the time and vicinity of Confucious. As a foundational philosophy it offers a world view but also gives practical advice for the individual to align their behavior to the ways of the world and act accordingly.
In A Taoist Trader Vadym Graifer succinctly and effectively exposes and explains the Tao Te Ching while likewise tieing it to the financial markets. This is a practical teaching text that can appeal to all ages and competencies of any market participant. Affirmation of successful individual behavior can be seen as well as destructive behaviour laid bare. Numerous poignant analogies strike home that are stunning in clarity.
This book will make you a better trader. It will put a top spin on trading performance by its practical, real world and often occurring, situational illustrations that will cut the number and size of losses while giving the trader the personal and actionable basis to make consistent gains.
Many are offered The Way. Few choose to see it, and fewer still choose to follow it. This book is a real opportunity.
- Ron S., Colorado

A Taoist Trader course is incredibly clear and powerful. Like no other trading related book I've ever read, it creates whole mindset, puts everything together and allows me to see the market as a mechanism in which everything makes sense. My place and behavior is defined with such clarity, I have much more control over myself and have no troubles executing my trading decisions. Emotions seem to have no more influence on me.
- L.B., Michigan



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