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RealityTrader, Trade-Ideas, and Genesis Securities have joined services in this unique program to bring the best experience in all three dimensions. The 3-D Program continually prepares and positions a trader to extract gains from the market AND get rewarded for it.

Why do you need the 3-D Program?

Trading is a multi-faceted endeavor. First you need a good education to determine your own trading approach and a forum to maintain your edge. Secondly, you need good software allowing you to sort out the endless opportunities and pick out the best. Finally you need fast and reliable execution software, which allows you to move in and out of the market with ease. Being armed with anything less is a recipe for underperformance. Research the best services within these three areas and you will arrive at the 3-D Program’s offering.

RealityTrader provides its great lineup of educational products and 5 years of experience teaching traders; Trade-Ideas provides its unparalleled pre-trade analytics and scanning software; and Genesis Securities provides its unmatched LASER trading platform, which is certified as Platinum by NASDAQ. These 3 partners bring the best of each aspect of trading to you.

How does it work?

Enroll in the 3-D Program by opening a trading account with Genesis Securities, becoming a member of the RealityTrader real-time trading room and signing up for Intelliscan* or a Trade-Ideas scanner. This combination offers the following benefits:

How do you enroll?

Very simple.

Done! You are now enrolled in the program – your monthly charge for the scanning software is waived and you are entitled to all the benefits listed in the “How does it work?”

Keep in mind that you can get the trials of all three products: 1 week with LASER by e-mailing to Laser Demo Request; 1 week with RealityTrader by completing the trial request form; DEMO with Intelliscan*. During your trial stay with RealityTrader do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have about the program or products – we will do our best to answer all of them.

Make sure that you mention the 3-D Program in every form you fill out when buying any of products listed in the “How Does It Work?”

* Intelliscan is a privately labeled version of Trade-Ideas featuring the same capabilities as Trade-Ideas and additional setups proprietary to RealityTrader

** For new orders only